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Casino Bonus & Wagering Requirement

Regardless whether you have a 20x, 35x, or even a 40x wagering requirement, there are things you can use to your advantage when you want to spin through the wagering requirement for your casino bonus.

Casino Bonus

There are several different casino bonuses. They differ in lots of ways. One casino bonus can give you a 100 % boost to your bankroll, while another can give you 200 %. Then, there are bonuses that can give you €10 extra to play for, while others can give you €2000. These things are really not that important. What is important when it comes to the quality of a casino bonus, is whether you can use it on high RTP slots, in casino tournaments, or on progressive slots.

Wagering Requirement

Finding the best bonus is simple. Visit a casino guide like BoomCasino, and then find the bonus that has the lowest wagering requirement. The lower this is, the better is your chance to play through the requirement and turn the bonus into real money. Usually, we see that the wagering requirement for a casino bonus is somewhere between 20x and 40x.

Strategy for Casino Bonus

Once you have found the bonus with the lowest wagering requirement, it is time to find the best strategy for that bonus. There are several different slot strategies that work, depending on the terms and conditions applying for your bonus. The best strategies for the casino bonus is playing on high RTP slots, participate in casino tournaments or cash drops, or play on progressive slots.

High RTP Slots

Return to Player, or simply RTP for short, is a number that shows the edge that the casino has on the slot. Or, in other words. What the expected return will be. One important thing to remember is that this number is only valid for the long run, not the short run, ie a €100 gaming session.

You want to play at high RTP slots. The reason for this is simple. Slots like Jackpot6000 and Mega Joker has an RTP of up to 99.00 %. More normal slots have an RTP around 95 – 96 %. The expected return from a 99 % RTP slot is €990 from every €1000 wagered, while the expected return is €950 on a 95 % RTP slot. €40 might not seem much, but in the long run, playing at high RTP slots can make a big difference.

Progressive Slots

There are several different progressive slots, and there are also different strategies for progressive slots. One of the most common strategies for progressive slots is to play when the jackpot is worth more than the average jackpot pay-out. Another strategy for progressive slots is to play when it is overdue. In other words, play when it has not been paid out for a period of time that exceeds the average time for pay-out. Some progressive slots also have a must-pay-jackpot. This jackpot has to be paid out before it reaches a certain value, or within a given period of time.

Casino Tournaments & Cash Drops

Another very effective strategy for slots is participating in casino tournaments or cash drops to grab some extra winnings. The strategy using cash drop is straight-forward. But, the strategy for casino tournaments can be more tricky. For this strategy to work, you have to find casino tournaments where all players have the same chance of winning. So, wagering tournaments will not work, unless you are a VIP hiroller with a massive bankroll.

Ideally, you have to find a casino tournament where the period of competing is short. Even better if it has a certain amount of spins. Also, it should be a win-tournament, where you either have to get the biggest win compared to the stake, or the biggest win in total over a given number of spins.

Terms & Conditions

One casino bonus can have terms and conditions that allow you to play on high RTP slots or even progressive slots. But, the thing is, that this is not the case for all bonuses. There are also casino tournaments and cash drop promotions where you can not participate in playing with bonus money.

Before you start playing, it is essential to check what you can, and can not do. This can give you a better chance to turn your casino bonus into real money.