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Casino Tournaments

Casino Tournaments casino tournament strategy for casino tournaments

In the long run, casinos have a better edge, and players are pretty much doomed to lose money on slots or other casino games. But, if you consider gaming as entertainment, there are strategies for casino tournaments you can implement to get a better edge.

Casino Tournaments

Participating in a casino tournament is not a slot strategy that is guaranteed to make you wealthy. But it is a slot strategy that works if you are aiming to get as much entertainment as possible for your bankroll. Think about it. A given slot has a 95 % RTP. The expected return is €950 for every €1000 wagered in the long run. But, if you join in on a casino tournament, there is a chance of getting some additional prizes. This is where the strategy for casino tournaments come in.

Strategy for Casino Tournaments

There are several different strategies for casino tournaments. Which strategy you should choose is dependent on what kind of player you are. If you are the largest casino whale or hiroller around, then a wager tournament is right up your alley. If your bankroll is too small to get to the top in these, there are still chances to get a better edge. Win tournaments are considered very fair, as all players have the same chance to win.

Wager Tournaments

Wager tournaments are not for everyone. These tournaments are still very common, and they are considered very unfair to smaller players. But, these tournaments work well for hirollers and casino whales. The prizes are huge, and it takes a considerable bankroll to keep a position in the top. It also takes a lot of time. Often these tournaments can go on for weeks. For hirollers, this is as good as it gets, and taking a position in the top tier is high status.

Win Tournaments

We at BoomCasino enjoys the win tournaments. There are a few valid reasons for this. First of all, they don’t go on for a long time. Often they are completed within 30 minutes or even within a certain number of spins. In these casino tournaments, it is not about spinning as much as possible. Here it is all about winning as much as possible compared to the stake, or the total value of all the winnings. For most players, these tournaments are the best choice when it comes to using a strategy for tournaments at the casino.

Casino Tournaments & Bonus

Often we see that it is mentioned in the terms and conditions, either for bonuses or for the tournament, that is is not allowed to participate using casino bonus. But, there are exceptions. Using a casino bonus in a tournament is a very good casino bonus strategy that can give you a better return in the long run.

When to Play

It is important to think about when to play before joining a casino tournament. Especially if you are planning to participate in a win tournament. The reason is simple, the fewer the number of players participating, the better chance you have to win. Sometimes playing at night or even early in the morning can give you an important advantage. Knowing when to play, can give you a better return from the casino.

What to Play

We prefer high RTP slots. In the long run, these slots give a better return to the players, compared to a low RTP slot. Another thing is playing on high variance slots. These are known to pay out big winnings now and then. But, most important, casino gaming is all about entertainment and fun. So, playing on one of your favorites is also a sound strategy.

Terms & Conditions

What you can do and not do during a tournament differs from casino to casino. That makes it important to check the terms and conditions before you start spinning. Often we see that wagering a casino bonus is not qualified. But, there are exceptions. Checking out the terms and conditions before you start playing can give you a better return from the casino.