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Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots strategy for progressive slots

There are several different kinds of jackpot slots. Some have a daily jackpot or Must Drop Jackpot, others have shared jackpots that can reach a value of many tenfold million euro. There are also a few strategies for progressive slots that can give you a better chance to win that big prize.

Progressive Slots

If you are an experienced player, you probably already know how the progressive slots work. If you are a new player, there are a few things you should know about these slots. What they have in common are one or more progressive jackpots. From every wager on the slot, a given percentage, jackpot contribution, is added to the jackpot. This makes the jackpot grow until, BOOM, one lucky winner takes it all. There are different types of jackpots. These are the local jackpots, shared jackpots, and Must Drop Jackpots.

Local Jackpots

Local jackpots are jackpots that are only possible to win on a specific slot on a specific casino. Divine Fortune by NetEnt is one of the most popular local jackpot slots. If you visit Casimba casino and Unibet casino, you can see that the value of the jackpot on Divine Fortune is not the same. This is because it is only wagers made on Casimba that is contributing to the Casimba jackpot and only wagers made on Unibet that contributes to the Unibet jackpot.

Shared Jackpots

Normally, shared jackpots are the biggest. These differ from the local jackpots in the way that every wager made on the slot, independent of what casino it is wagered on, contributes to the progressive jackpot. This way, the jackpots can grow enormous. Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah are among the most popular slots of this category, and both also have had the world record for biggest jackpot won on an online slot.

Must Drop Jackpots

Must Drop Jackpots, or Daily Jackpots, is a new invention. As the name says, these have a jackpot that has to drop before they reach a maximum value or once a day. Normally, these jackpots are local. And, because they have to be paid once a day, they won’t reach record levels. But, they can also be great fun, and there are a few slot strategies you can use when playing at them

Strategies for Progressive Slots

There are a few strategies that are specially made for progressive slots. You can find useful information about the average jackpot for the different slots, and you can also find information about the average time between the jackpot payouts. To get a better chance to win, you can start playing as soon as the jackpot value is above the average value. Furthermore, you can also get a better chance to win, by start playing when the jackpot has not been paid out, and it has past on more time than average.

When it comes to the Must Drop Jackpots and Daily Jackpots, a different approach can be beneficial. The Must Drop Jackpots has to be paid before they reach a certain value. Start playing when they are close to this value can give you an advantage. The same goes for the Daily Jackpots. Start playing when the jackpot has not been won that day and a new day approaches.

Casino Bonus & Progressive Slots

Most casinos do not allow players to wager bonus money on progressive slots. But, there are exceptions. Spending your bonus on these slots will give you a bigger bankroll and hence a better chance to win. We recommend reading the terms and conditions before you start wagering bonus money on jackpot slots.

High RTP Slots

Progressive slots are usually not high RTP slots. The reason for this is the jackpot contribution. But, there are lots of other strategies for progressive slots.

Casino Tournaments

Casino tournaments on progressive slots are not too common, but there are a few. Often during wager tournaments, you also have the opportunity to play on jackpot slots.

Cash Drop

There are cash drops that any active player on the casino can win. Regardless of what game is being played. Playing on jackpot slots during cash drop promotions can give you a better expected return, and hence, more bucks on your bankroll and a better chance to win.

Terms & Conditions

Progressive slots are highly volatile, and often some terms do not allow players to wager bonus money on them. But, some casinos will let you play on these slots, even with bonus money. Before you start playing, we recommend reading the terms and conditions.