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Slot Strategy that Works

Slot Strategy that Works slot strategies that works

It sounds dodgy. A slot strategy that works. The thing is, that there is no strategy for the casino that will make you rich unless the strategy involves starting a casino. But, that is too much work.

Aim of the Game

If the aim is to get rich, then you really should consider starting a casino. In the long run, the casino has the upper hand and will take most of the stakes. But, if the aim is to have fun, and have as much fun as possible, several slot strategies will work out fine.

Slot Strategy that Works

We at BoomCasino have to say it again. A slot strategy that works sounds dodgy. But, when you consider that a strategy is a process on how to achieve a goal, things do look different. Especially if the goal is not to get rich, but get as much entertainment as possible for your bucks. If you agree on this, you can continue reading and see that there are several slot strategies that work.

Slot Strategy for Bonus

The first strategy for slots is about bonuses. Or, there are several different strategies for casino bonus. These strategies also work out great if combined with some of the other strategies that you can read more about below. So, how does it work? Remember that your goal is to get as much entertainment as possible. Getting a huge bonus is a great start, but you should also consider the wagering requirement. This should be as low as possible. To get huge casino bonuses, you should frequently check out casino blogs to find new casinos. Then you can get a new welcome offer for every deposit you are making.

High RTP Slots

The outcome of any spin on a slot is random. But, online slots are programmed to pay out a certain percentage in the long run. This percentage differs. Some slots have a low return to player, while others are considered high RTP slots. Return to player is a very important number. It is also easy to find, as most slots have this number written in the information section. But, there are a few thousand online slots, so it takes a lot of work to find the best high RTP slots online. Unless you are checking out a casino blog where you can find the top 10 best high RTP slots.

This slot strategy is easy and very effective. Return to player is a number that says something about the expected return in the long run. The higher this is, the more return players can expect. Let us go through an example. We are playing on a 95 % RTP slot. The expected return from a €100 wager session is 95 % of €100. Ie €€95. If we rather had wagered €100 on a 99 % RTP slot, the expected return would have been €99. In the long run, playing on the high RTP slot would have given you €4 more in return. That is €4 more entertainment.

Strategies for Progressive Slots

There are also a few strategies for progressive slots that work very well. You are never guaranteed to take home the big win. But there are ways to get a better chance to do so. We differentiate between local and shared jackpots. It is the shared jackpots that are the biggest, so we go for those first.

Each local jackpot has an average value. This is a simple strategy. Just play on the slot when the value of the jackpot is above average. There is also an average period between each time it is being won. Just as easy. Start spinning when it is the due date.

This also applies to local jackpots. But some local jackpots have to be paid before it reaches a certain value or within a certain period. These are often referred to as Must Drop Jackpots. Start playing at these when the value is close to the maximum value before it has to drop, or close to the period where it has to be paid.

Casino Tournaments

A slot strategy is all about getting a better return. This makes casino tournaments interesting. There are of course a few strategies for casino tournaments that can be used to get a better expected return. We differentiate between wager tournaments and win tournaments. Which of these you should participate in depends on what kind of player you are. If you are a casino whale or a hiroller, then wager tournaments could get you some extra return. For smaller players, the win tournament is much more effective.

Slot Strategies for Cash Drops

A Cash Drop is a prize that is handed out to random players that play at the casino during the promotion period. Playing when these promotions are running can give you a better return, and so also a boost to your bankroll.

A Slot Strategy that Works for You

As you have seen, several slot strategies work fine and can give you better gaming experience. Which of the slot strategies that will work best for you depend on a lot of factors. What kind of slots you enjoy, what casino you prefer, and so on. Taking some time to check out different casinos and slots can help you find the optimal slot strategy that works out best.